This is the official blog sit of  Fever4TheFitness is the brainchild of Marc Holder, certified personal trainer in Dorchester, MA.  You can experience Marc in a number of ways:

He is a personal trainer at the Dorchester YMCA where he teaches a number of classes – Torch, which is a super intense cardio workout, Sculpt and Tone which uses light weights to create body definition, and Body Explosion which is a circuit of at least 15 exercises that participants engage in for 30 seconds at a time before moving on to the next station.

However, Marc is also a personal trainer of private clients.  He charges $100 a week which includes 3 hours of one-on-one training and 2 hours in a group setting.

You can find Marc on Pinterest where he posts inspirational and motivational words of encouragement.

He’s on Tumblr where he posts exercise routines, nutritional tips and more motivation.

And of course he’s on Twitter where he might post anything!.

No matter how you reach him, just get to him and GET THIS WORK!